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Empower your Leaders

How does SIT empower your staff to take responsibility?​

  • Identify strengths and highlight next steps​

  • Add comments​

  • Upload supporting evidence​

  • Gain greater knowledge around specialism​

  • Develop action plans​

  • Identify areas in which to invest expertise​

  • Collaborate​

  • Share vision with colleagues​

  • Increase transparency ​

  • Support accountability​

  • Be confident to talk with Ofsted inspectors


How does SIT help you to report to governors?​

  • SLT dashboard

  • Direction of travel​

  • Provide deep level data on school CPD requirements

  • Full report

        - School notes

        - Recommendations

Home Screen.png
  • Online

  • RAG rating

  • Add comments

  • Upload evidence

  • Reduce teacher workload

  • SLT dashboard

  • Consistent format

How does SIT reduce the number of systems your staff use?

empower img 3.png
empower img 4.png

How does SIT support school to school collaboration?

  • Compare school data

  • Identify strengths for school to school support​

  • Focus on areas for development

  • Reduce teacher workload

  • Reduce costs


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