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Norwich Opportunity Area Inclusion Tracker 


School Improvement Tracker and Norwich Opportunity Area have been working together to improve approaches to inclusion in 53 Schools in the Norfolk area. 

Norwich Opportunity Area came to School Improvement Tracker looking for a system that would support schools to self-assess their approach to inclusion, alongside the Norwich Inclusion Charter that all schools in the area have committed to.  The goal is to support children at risk of exclusion from school and those who are most vulnerable.

Having quickly decided that School Improvement could provide them with the support their schools needed, NOA worked closely with School Improvement Tracker to design the Audit that was right for them and would give their Schools the information that they needed 

With the self-assessment tool in place, the schools of Norwich were able to identify areas of improvement and use this information to begin making the changes in the areas that needed it the most. 

Some schools also used the tracker to identify gaps within their Schools and used the data collected to apply for funding from the NOA. 

Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 15.34.18.png

We continue to work closely with both NOA, Norfolk County Council, and the schools of Norwich in making sure that School Improvement Tracker continues to deliver the information that they need to further improve approaches to inclusion within their schools.

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