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International Schools

School Improvement Tracker is dedicated to helping international schools achieve their goals and drive development. We do this by delivering a powerful suite of Audits that helps international schools prepare for accreditation visits and improve their learning delivery.


The International Safeguarding Audit enables colleagues to self-assess their compliance, identify good practices and plan improvements to their safeguarding provision in an international setting.


The International Well-being audit is designed to support schools across the world in self-assessment, helping you to embed a positive wellbeing culture within your school

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The international Diversity audit provides a tool for schools to assess their effectiveness to support diversity, identifying areas for development and offering recommendations to improve.

All Audits

International Audit: International Baccalaureate (currently being developed).

Our audits have been created by international school consultants who specialise in helping schools get the best out of themselves and drive improvement and development. 


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Suzanne has a deep understanding and passion for the IB, in particular, the PYP, inspired by colleagues and led to her becoming a programme coordinator, then a workshop leader (2005), then a member of a PYP review team and continuing as a recently upskilled IBEN member, promoting the new suite of workshops. Suzanne enjoys close relationships with students, colleagues and parents and loves to engage with learners of all ages wherever they might be on their educational journey.

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Sara is an experienced teacher with twenty-one years of teaching in the UK and internationally in various school settings. Currently, they are the PYP Learning Support Coordinator for a school in Germany. They have worked with a variety of students with complex learning needs. Including having specific expertise and experience with Autistic Spectrum conditions, sensory processing disorders and diverse behavioural requirements.

Sara has developed our Learning Diversity Audit for our International School Improvement Tracker. 


The International Schools Network (ISN) is a new, entirely free, online platform for international schools and their educators. As a member, you will be invited to collaborate, ask questions, raise discussions and share insights and best practice, by topic, directly with peers from around the world.

We believe that connecting with like-minded peers on the topics you are passionate about, in a truly collaborate and encouraging open environment, will give the power to educators around the world to build meaningful connections, communal networks and ultimately help develop your own tailored professional learning journey.


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OneSchool Global is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive, truly global schools. With over 9,500 students, over 120 campuses and over 2,000 staff and volunteers operating across 20 countries, OneSchool’s global education ecosystem provides an environment in which our staff and students thrive.

International schools Wellbeing Audit

The International Wellbeing Audit tool is designed for teachers and leaders within the global education community. It provides has an easy-to-use interface that gives users insight into their current provision and offers recommendations to improve their offer. A school’s staff are its most precious resource, our platform will help you support them.

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