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curriculum audit

The curriculum which is learnt is the curriculum that matters. The organisation, pattern and flow of your curriculum is key to its successful implementation. This audit will help you and your school consider its current provision and how effectively that provision is delivered. It will help you gauge how clear leaders and teachers are about the purpose and value of the curriculum they teach; how it is taught and assessed, how it is communicated, experienced and celebrated. 

You can use the Curriculum Audit tool to:


  • Help prepare your teams and whole school for the new OFSTED framework.

  • Ensure your departments and teams have a clear rationale of their curriculum provision within the context of the school and the subject.

  • Ensure all departments or curriculum teams are fully aware of what an effective curriculum should focus on.

  • Help you evidence a detailed picture of your school’s curriculum - through the lenses of intent, implementation and impact.

  • Consider the effectiveness and purpose of assessment within your curriculum.

  • Consider specific whole school and departmental strategies for curriculum improvement.

  • Provide various stakeholders with detailed information about your curriculum provision.

  • Access clear guidance to support curriculum development where gaps in current provision may lie. 

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Pete Jones

Pete is an assistant Headteacher for a highly successful school in Jersey. He leads on teaching, learning and curriculum development across the school providing guidance and support for all departments. Pete has spoken at national conferences on curriculum innovation and leading change as well as having his work and that of his school featured in several educational books. Pete is a big believer in the curriculum being your model of progression and welcomes OFSTED’s focus on the curriculum in analysing a school’s competency. 

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Curriculum Audit

This audit will help you and your school consider its current curriculum provision and how effectively that provision is delivered.

literacy transparent.png

Literacy Audit

Supports schools’ self-assessment and improvement journey, placing equal value on oracy, reading and writing to secure rapid progress.

numeracy audit transparent.png

Numeracy Audit

The Numeracy Audit toolkit is designed to support schools self-assess and create a manageable development plan to improve key fundamentals of numeracy.

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