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School Improvement Tracker focuses on key areas of provision, supporting school leaders to establish a clear vision for the future provision of the school by providing a series of questions for reflection, with practical recommendations on how the school can develop its provision further. The dashboards and reports allow schools to consolidate data and provide in-depth insight and direction of travel.

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The audits are easy to complete, using a RAG rating, with the option to add notes against each statement and the ability to upload supporting evidence. Authored by leading practitioners in their field of expertise, the audits include recommendations that support schools to become secure in their provision.

Detailed reports allow schools to compare audits and support school improvement plan actions. In addition to dashboards for individual schools, there is an admin dashboard that gives a valuable insight across all schools in a group.

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A master dashboard provides an instant overview across all key areas of provision.

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Detailed reports, including recommendations for next steps and direction of travel to support your school improvement goals.

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This audit will help you and your school consider its current curriculum provision and how effectively that provision is delivered.

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The Subject Leaders Audit Tool provides schools with the tools they need to audit and review the performance of their subject leaders. 

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The SEND Audit Tool has been developed to allow schools to review their SEND departments against a set of good practice statements. 

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The Safeguarding Audit toolkit enables leaders to self-assess their compliance, identify good practice and plan improvements to their safeguarding provision.

Work-life Balance 2.png

The work-life balance audit is designed to provide a step by step guide on how you can create a positive, calm and productive culture within your school and still get results

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Supports schools’ self-assessment and improvement journey, placing equal value on oracy, reading and writing to secure rapid progress.

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The Disadvantaged Audit Tool has been developed to allow schools and MATs to conduct their own reviews measuring the impact of their pupil premium.

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Provides 24/7 access for trainee, mentor, professional tutor and assessors so each user can access the portfolio at their convenience.

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The Multi Academy Trust (MAT) Audit Tool has been developed to allow MATs to review their schools across a range of areas.

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School Improvement Tracker is dedicated to helping international schools achieve their goals and drive development. 

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The Numeracy Audit toolkit is designed to support schools self-assess and create a manageable development plan to improve key fundamentals of numeracy.

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The Most Able Audit Tool allows schools to review their provision against a set of good practice statements.

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The wellbeing audit is designed to support schools’ self-assessment, helping you to embed a positive wellbeing culture within your schools.

In addition to the audits currently available we welcome the opportunity to work with schools to develop additional evaluation tools for key areas of focus.

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