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Work-Life Balance 


Staff retention is challenging with teachers being signed off sick due to stress-related illness and leaving the profession entirely. The teacher wellbeing index report in 2021 showed 54% of teachers considered leaving the profession over the past two years due to pressure on their mental health and wellbeing. That would mean losing just over half of your staff every 2 years! So how do you create a school environment that can attract teachers to stay long term and maintain consistency for the children?


The work-life balance audit is designed to provide a step by step guide on how you can create a positive, calm and productive culture within your school and still get results.


The audit tool can be used to:

  • Assess, develop and implement policies, procedures and practice relating to work-life balance to improve staff retention and productivity.

  • Covers step by step how to implement all six management standards of the HSE which if not managed correctly have shown lower productivity, advancements in poor health and increased sickness absence rates.

  • Provides practical solutions on a restricted budget to develop and improve work-life balance practice within your school to meet the organisational commitments of the Education Staff Wellbeing Charter.

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Annabel Jeffcoate

As a work-life balance coach at 'Balance for Teachers' Annabel guides her clients to reduce anxiety and switch off without guilt. She coaches teachers to set boundaries and confidently stick to them to enhance productivity and avoid burnout with her proven balance strategy.

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