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About the tracker

Here at School Improvement Tracker we are dedicated to empowering our educators to make informed decisions for the benefit of all.  We do this by helping School, Trusts and LA's track key development areas across their education setting through a series of audits. 

The rationale of using audits

•    Traditional consultant solution to school improvement can be inefficient and expensive
•    Data from consultant/advisor visits is not used intelligently
•    Audit frameworks are rarely focused on reducing workload and their formats are onerous for many schools
•    School collaboration is underdeveloped

Students in Classroom


•    Reduces teacher workload e.g. development planning, reporting to governors
•    Increases transparency and supports accountability
Supports school improvement plan
•    Focus on delivering a broad and balanced curriculum for all
•    Improves efficiency by reducing the level of consultancy support required
Reinforces intent, implementation, impact
•    Improves accountability by providing evidence of development planning and progress to Trustees and Ofsted
Empowers staff to take ownership
•    Provides deep level data on school CPD requirements
•    Aligns with government priorities on reducing teacher workload using technology

College Library
curriculum transparent.png

Curriculum Audit

This audit will help you and your school consider its current curriculum provision and how effectively that provision is delivered.

literacy transparent.png

Literacy Audit

Supports schools’ self-assessment and improvement journey, placing equal value on oracy, reading and writing to secure rapid progress.

numeracy audit transparent.png

Numeracy Audit

The Numeracy Audit toolkit is designed to support schools self-assess and create a manageable development plan to improve key fundamentals of numeracy.

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