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wellbeing audit

According to mental health UK 1 in 6 people each week experienced a common mental health problem and 10 % of children aged 5-16 have a diagnosable mental health difficulty. We all need to be more mental health aware and create environments that support positive mental health and good well-being,


The wellbeing audit is designed to support schools’ self-assessment, helping you to embed a positive wellbeing culture within your schools.

You can use the wellbeing audit to:

  • Support senior leaders in leading on a positive wellbeing culture in your school

  • Ensure wellbeing is understood by everyone in the school

  • Identify, implement, and evaluate wellbeing strategies across the whole school for pupils and staff

  • Develop a whole school response to pupil and staff wellbeing

  • Create a wellbeing rich environment which benefits everyone in the school

  • Help you evidence the way you are identifying wellbeing and actioning wellbeing

  • Ensure everyone in the school has strategies to support their own wellbeing

With a wealth of innovative suggestions, the toolkit can be used to as part of a process of school-to-school review and support, enabling school leaders to develop expertise, identify strengths and highlight areas for improvement. The toolkit will help you to identify the areas you have progressed on and the areas you have gaps in wellbeing development across schools and MATs.



Sonia Mainstone-Cotton

Sonia Mainstone-Cotton is a freelance nurture consultant working in schools with children who have social, emotional and mental health needs. An essential element of this role is in supporting the children’s and staff wellbeing. Sonia is also a specialist leader of education with her local teaching school and she delivers training across the country to schools and early years settings as a freelance trainer. Sonia is the author of 7 books and regularly writes for education magazines. Most of Sonia’s writing career has focused on supporting wellbeing for staff and children.

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Curriculum Audit

This audit will help you and your school consider its current curriculum provision and how effectively that provision is delivered.

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Literacy Audit

Supports schools’ self-assessment and improvement journey, placing equal value on oracy, reading and writing to secure rapid progress.

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Numeracy Audit

The Numeracy Audit toolkit is designed to support schools self-assess and create a manageable development plan to improve key fundamentals of numeracy.

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