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OneSchool Global UK

Our organisation has just taken on School Improvement Tracker across our 23 UK campuses as a means of evaluating our provision in Learning Support, Use of Additional Adults and AGT. We have been extremely impressed with how straightforward the audits are to use and the level of graphics and interpretation that they produce. For a very short investment of time, the resulting action plans will be critical for our campuses in informing strategic next steps and reviewing progress. The comparative charts will also allow us to identify specific priorities across all of our schools in a meaningful way.

The ability to customise the statements to reflect the distinctive language and to evaluate specific strategies in our setting will make the whole process highly valuable, and bespoke.


OneSchool Global UK prides itself on being cutting edge and providing the best education that it can for its students through technology-empowered physical and digital learning environments and the School Improvement Tracker is a tool that enables us to do this highly effectively.


Kate Edwards, Associate Principal, OneSchool Global UK

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